This form of bodywork is for those who have pain or injury, necessitating a prescription from their primary care physician, and is usually paid for by a third party.  These could include car accidents (MVA) or workman’s compensation claims. With your Doctor’s prescription we can help return you to your pre-accident state.

Many people don’t realize how important soft tissue work can be in restoring the body to proper functioning.  Massage is profoundly helpful in assisting the body to release tension which causes pain.  You may not know this, but insurance DOES generally cover massage for Personal Injury cases.  Ask your Doctor about getting a MEDICALLY NECESSARY prescription for massage.  Feel free to have your physician call if they have any questions about care or treatment planning with massage.

Remember, not all massage is the same.  To receive maximum benefit, find someone who is trained in Therapeutic Bodywork and who understands how to address the body as a whole.  Causes, not symptoms must be addressed.  For example:  You may experience pain in the upper-middle of your back (Rhomboids) but the muscle tension causing the pain may be in the front of your body (Pec Minor.)

If you qualify for services, your insurance company will be billed directly.