Online Scheduling

Q:  Do I have to use Online Scheduling?

A:  No, you can call, text or e-mail and we will be happy to book your appointment for you.  Scheduling online is supposed to be a convenience. For the most part it gives our clients a quick way to book at their leisure.


Q:  Help!  I can’t get Online Scheduling to work.

A:  Occasionally people have difficulty logging in at work due to filters.  If you are having difficulty; call, e-mail or text and we will get your appointment set up.  We can go over how to use Online Scheduling during your next visit.  Don’t Stress!  It’s not a problem that we can’t fix.


Q:  How do I know if I booked my appointment or not?

A:  You will always receive a confirmation e-mail (if you provided an e-mail address) immediately after booking your appointment.  If you don’t get an e-mail and it isn’t in a spam filter (put us in your address book to avoid being mistaken for junk) then CALL to confirm your appointment.  It’s better to be safe than show up and not get your table time.  Also…you will get a reminder e-mail a day or two before your appointment.  If you don’t get it, please call to confirm your appointment.


Q:  I don’t see the time I need on?  Am I out of luck?

A: Not at all!  Give us a call and we can try and work something out.  Sometimes there are openings that don’t show up for you as the client that we can see as the practitioner.  Maybe you want 90 minutes at the end of the day and so nothing shows up.  WE can easily extend the hours a bit and fit you in.  Please call if you EVER have ANY problems.


Clothing Requirements

Q:  What should I wear for Thai Massage?

A:  You will want to wear comfortable clothing like you would wear to work out.  Maybe some yoga pants and a tank top or tee shirt.  Shorts are fine as well if you will be warm enough.  What you should avoid are jeans and skirts/dresses.  You will be moving around a lot and want to have free range of motion.


Q:  Do I have to get naked?

A:  You will be asked to undress to your comfort level if we are using draping (under the sheets.)  Generally this means removing all articles of clothing, or leaving on underwear if it makes you feel more comfortable.  It can be easier to reach problem areas without the barrier of cloth so if you are ok, bare is best.  That being said…the most important thing is for you to feel safe and at ease.  If that means you want to stay fully clothed on top of the sheet, than that is exactly what we will do!  Please wear comfortable clothing as described above.  No need to feel self conscious about this, we have had several clients who stayed dressed during their session.  It’s not a problem.