Ann-Marie Hall-Pond, OR LMT #17372,  WA #MA 60560850                        

Since she was a child, Ann-Marie wanted to help people. At the time, she thought she wanted to be a doctor or physical therapist . . . someone who worked to ease the suffering of others. After excelling in high school and being admitted to a University, she chose, instead, to marry and have a family. While her main focus was on her family and raising her children, she never lost her desire to be of assistance to the world. Many opportunities presented themselves during this time of family-oriented focus. She worked in the nutritional industry and, as a result of watching people recover from various illnesses by changing their diet, became dedicated to learning more deeply about the body and how it works. She was especially curious to understand what caused disease and how to reverse it. She pursued more knowledge and completed her herbal education as a Master Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah. In addition to these various pursuits, she still found time to help manage a remodeling business and somehow also earned a Second-Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo!

As she learned more about the physical body, Ann-Marie became passionate about deepening her understanding of even more subtle layers. She began developing her sensitivity for, and deepen her understanding of, the human energetic system, culminating in receiving her Master Reiki level in January of ’09. Being a rather Left-brained individual for most of her life, she has worked diligently to develop the more intuitive aspects of mind. In order to assist with this process of spiritual and intuitive unfolding, she participated in Nine Gates Mystery School and graduated in ’07. She maintains a deep love for and a continued connection with that program.

avalon schedule your appointmentFor several years, Ann-Marie maintained the vision of attending Massage Therapy School, even visiting the school of her choice on three separate occasions over seven years! Finally, the timing was right and this dream was realized when she attended East-West College of the Healing Arts. Ann-Marie completed the 801-hour program and learned a lot about massage, the human body and also about herself. It was a profound and life-changing experience. In fact, she loved going to school so much, she enrolled in an extra class after completing her program, just to more fully develop her skills in the more subtle practices of Myofascial and Cranial Sacral work. She currently specializes in Deep Tissue, Thai and Relaxation/Spa Massages as well as subtle energy work including Reiki.

Ann-Marie’s touch is slow and contemplative, working intuitively to release restrictions and relax the body. She believes that healing must be looked at holistically and that it is necessary to work with the body and not against it.

Ann-Marie looks forward to working with you towards your wellness goals. She believes in the inherent ability for each individual to heal themselves and looks forward to helping empower you as you pursue your own path towards wholeness.